My First Blog Post

Hi, I’m Howard! I’m gonna start publishing my spiritual knowledge for free!

— Jesus Christ was a time traveler.

The Witch Trials go on..

Fear not! The power of Love will always Win ⚔️

FYI: FDA approved psychotropic medications will cause harm to your chakras

Most Psychiatric facilities Harbor Hungry ghosts and Spiritual Parasites and Dark Evils..

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The Daemonic Divine

If you wish to collaborate with me, my number is: 626-866-5355

These are sexy powerful energies.

Powerful Alchemy

The Fallacy of the Mormon Church

There is a real spiritual entity that resides within the Mormonism movement I have encountered while under the hypnosis of the Gospel of Joseph Smith. These energies are dangerous to the overall spiritual progression of our species. Don’t fall for this, it’s just another trick of the Demiurge. Those who fall prey to these spiritual endowments will never seek out Divine Forces outside of church. Therefore limiting their own human experience. They believe in the One True Divinity that created their whole Universe. Be aware of these Mischievous energies. Truth is beyond knowledge. Knowledge is simply what is known. Stay Curious..😈😈😈


Christianianity is the “Other Side”

Evil.. what does it mean?

The devil?

Or ignorance to your own deceptive ways. Self love was first, not the church. The darkness was there even before the church. True wisdom can be found in darkness. Magick is the unknown.


The World is auto-generated

Can’t you see? We are all part of the master plan. We do not originate from it.

Return to darkness. Think outside the brain itself.

Where the true mystery is.

Before primordial realized itself as the formation of our universe, the subjective reality we inhabit. The earth dimension. The process of realization of self consciousness.

From the solid unconscious state to the subjective consciousness of reality. We are interlaced in causality. Truly in the In-between.

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The Human Condition

In my understanding we manifest and control our own destinies much more than we know, but most get stuck in the mundane world of things. We do have a choice of course..

I have made contact with a numinous intelligent force. Her name is Kali.

Life is unpredictable, actually the spirits told me “The Future is a Delusion”

Most of us fear death itself and ignore it. Fall into destructive habits denying our mortality.

Here is a mantra for that 🙂

“Kring Kring Kring Hing Kring Dakshine Kalike
Kring Kring Kring Hring Hring Hung Hung Swaha”

My Understanding random


I Trust in the Chaos

Om Krim Kalikaye Namaha


How Your Beliefs shape the Quantum Field

You are the God/Goddess within, incased in a multicellular machine.

Maya is the illusion portrayed by the external world we live in.

The true power lies within and the universe is you. Every Quark, atom and star is affected by what program you choose to put in the system. This law of attraction operates on your beliefs and you are as much the creator as the creation itself. With infinite possibilities, the next outcome is just the embodiment of your mindset of how things will play out your based on your beliefs. Meditation is a good way to bring about a more positive mindset and attitude. Hope is a light in the the tunnel of darkness. With deep meditation you may be guided by the benevolent and you may even see visions. They may bestow to you advice to have a better confidence and mindset to bring you to a better place.


Control system

You can break free from expectations if you wish. They are the cause of attachments. They create an illusion of unworthiness. Attachments are the source of all greed. Internalize your power. Communicate with your energy. Let your energy speak for you.. not your words and you are free from fear based mind control. Let your energy flow. Be honest and love yourself enough to express who you truly are. See money is an attachment of the illusion that we all need to work to survive. We are all part of it. When you limit yourself you become stuck. Don’t limit your supernatural powers. Energy can influence other energies around you. There is an invisible force that controls what we all do. The control system doesn’t have your best interest at hand. It wants to destroy you. Break free from what others expect you to be. Because that expectation is the invisible force you are willingly subjected to.


What is the singularity?

Spirits are real indeed I tell u, but they come from the land of the nonexistent, A nearby dimensions. Where physics are different. Spirit and body need each other to exist. We give each other Form. What is the singularity?

The point of god in which real and not real are coexisting together. To know god, We wouldn’t exist without the nonexistent.